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Harvey Hawk

Harvey L. Hawk
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Harvey L. Hawk is a trial lawyer with nearly 25 years of litigation experience under his belt. Harvey has represented countless clients throughout the Texas area in both individual and class action D.F.M. cases. Harvey’s most notable case, nationally recognized as the “Missing Beef” case, made it to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997.

When he’s not working tirelessly through his caseload or arguing appeals (or running marathons!), Harvey enjoys Texas sightseeing with his wife, Henrietta Hawk, and their children, Hannah and Hunter. Harvey is also devoted to taking on pro bono U.V.M. (Unexpected Vegetarian Meal) cases whenever possible.

Harvey Hawk Marathon
Hank Hawk

Hank P. Hawk
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Hank P. Hawk has been representing clients in complex frozen food-related litigation cases–including D.F.M.–since 1964. Before migrating further south and taking on trial work, Hank’s humble beginnings started in a tree in the North Texas countryside. It was there that he looked inside houses and noticed the astounding level of disappointment people were experiencing with their frozen meals. He has taken numerous cases to the U.S. Supreme Court, including a class action D.F.M. suit involving an entire 1,278 person corporate office that was surviving–barely–on frozen lasagna meals for lunch.

Off the job (though his colleagues would argue Hank is never off the job), Hank has a weekend tradition of visiting and remembering the Alamo with his wife, Harriet, and their 7 grandchildren: Harper, Hillary, Harrison, Hamilton, Hadley, Hudson, and Hayley.

Hank Hawk Family

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