Case Study #3: Seaweed You Later

Willow Wilson, 25

Willow Wilson, 25, was a vegetarian since she was 4 years-old. It was easy enough as a child when her mom made her a rotation of buttered noodles, PB&J, and alphabet soup every night.

As a young adult, though, things were different for Willow. She’d outgrown her childhood favorites, and preparing even the simplest of adult equivalents proved difficult to keep up with, especially having moved from Seattle to Texas. Like any upwardly mobile—and busy—twenty-something her age, Willow turned to frozen food.

“I was wary to enter frozen food territory, so I started with the basics: frozen peas, frozen veggie medleys, frozen brussel sprouts,” Willow says. “But you can’t really sustain yourself on vegetables alone.”

In search of sustenance and flavor, Willow progressed to more “interesting” frozen vegetarian meals like veggie-ritos, lima-burgers, and walnut-encrusted kale fingers.

“It was the worst of all worlds,” Willow notes. “To say the taste was unremarkable would be an understatement. And the meals always managed to leave both hungry and…well, let’s just say I was eating lots of lima beans-based products.”

When asked how she felt about frozen tofu, Willow simply responded, “No.”

Stuck in a horrible food limbo, Willow knew that her current eating habits weren’t sustainable.

“Some people ‘go vegetarian’ to lose weight, but you know what I was losing? My mind.”

As if intended by Mother Earth herself, Willow got a sign at this critical moment in her life. A former vegetarian friend friended Willow on Facebook.

“She was like, ‘Willow, I saw your status about the zucchini steak and it broke my heart. Call these guys, Willow. You have to.’”

So Willow did. She called Hawk & Hawk. And then her life changed forever. Hawk & Hawk boldly tackled the world of vegetarianism and took on Willow’s case. It wasn’t easy fight, but they won. They won big.
After trying Night Hawk’s new Top Chop’t with Savory Sriracha Sauce and Top Chop’t with Homestyle Beef Chili ‘N Cheese, Willow never looked back.

“I didn’t even ease into my new meat lifestyle. I doubled down on the meat and went wild with the sauce. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Willow’s novel about her experience, “Meatless in Seattle,” is set to be published in 2017.

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