Case Study #2: Getting Schooled on Flavor

Jodie Mueller, 39
Bill Mueller, 19

Jodie Mueller, 39, couldn’t have been more proud of her son. Now in his second year of college, Bill Mueller had moved off-campus into a modest one-bedroom apartment. For Bill, 19, it was his first real attempt at independent living, with all the freedoms and sacrifices that entailed.

“It felt great to get out of the dorm,” says Bill. “I didn’t have to share a bathroom with twenty other guys anymore, or wear flip flops in the shower. No more pushy R.A. and weirdo roommate, either. The no meal plan thing was definitely a bummer, though.”

When he lived on campus, Bill subscribed to a University meal plan, enjoying three meals a day courtesy of his school’s dining facilities. No longer eligible, the newly-liberated underclassman was having difficulty adjusting to life on his own.

“I’ve never really had to cook for myself,” he said. “It’s great when my mom sends me home with a fridge full of leftovers after a visit, but those only last so long. I tried buying ‘homestyle’ frozen meals from the gas station around the corner, but I couldn’t figure out what made them homestyle. They taste elementary school lunch style, at best.”

Not being able to provide quality, wholesome food for her son was hurting Jodie, too. It became clear to Jodie that her son needed outside intervention. One afternoon, the universe sent her a message.

“I was driving home from work and noticed a billboard for Hawk & Hawk, two local attorneys who specialize in D.F.M. cases,” Jodie said. “Curious, I checked their website and quickly realized something that, as a mother, was horrifying. My son had D.F.M. For weeks, I didn’t noticed the red flags in the way he talked about his frozen dinners. Like the lasagna, for example. He would describe a lack of protein, a lack of sauce, a lack of flavor, and a lack of much sustenance whatsoever. When I put the pieces together, there was no doubt in my mind.”

Jodie contacted Hawk & Hawk. After an emotional intervention from Jodie and the Hawks, Bill finally realized he needed help. “I was ready. Ready to finally taste justice.”

Hawk & Hawk worked hard to get Bill the compensation he deserved: real food.

“My fridge is now filled to the brim with Night Hawk dinners like Steak ‘n Mac, Beef Patty ‘N Gravy with Borracho Beans, and Taste of Texas,” Bill says, full of life. “I can tell mom’s a little irked, though. I’m always like, ‘Ma, I don’t need to take all these leftovers anymore.’”

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